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Just a Little Boogie Band from Rockville.

Covering danceable funk, disco, rock and soul from the 70's through today, Crosstown Funk delivers the beat to get your feet out on the floor.

Brian (Thunder Paws) Chiara sings and leads the band from the drum throne.


Karen (K-Dub) Weis shares the lead vocals, and adds percussion and guitar.

'Stoney' (no nickname needed) Johnstone covers a lot of sonic ground on keyboards (piano, organ, clavinet, horns, strings, synthesizer and various sound effects & funny noises) He also sings backing vocals.


Steve "Sweet" Leroy rocks the funk outta that bass, adds movement to the groove-ment, also singing harmonies.


Pat Donnelly (P-Love)  rocks the place on lead/rhythm guitar, baby sitar, and assorted fun toys, also adding lead and backing vox.

As the song says: "Everybody here tonight must are no exception to the rule". So c'mon out and boogie, oogie, oogie 'til you just can't boogie no more."


viva​ la vida funky

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